Design Process



The principles of Industrial design, as I apply them to you project, is a combination of applied art and applied science, where the beauty and function of your kitchen may be improved every step of the way. There is time allotted for exploration and problem solving as well as inspiration, finish selections and refinement of key storage areas. This process organizes the tasks at hand while always moving the project toward the clear and concise goals we have set.



We begin with the completion of my Design Process brief, the Kitchen planning questionnaire and Appliance worksheet to set to scope of the project, identify potential obstacles and narrow down your style preferences. I recommend you start a scrapbook of images to bring your own personal design philosophy into focus. Please download and complete these forms as worksheets and return them to me prior to our first meeting.

Every project has a budget it should be a sum you can afford without overstretching your resources, but, should also be enough to achieve what you want with out cutting corners. I consider a well considered and researched budget a fundamental tool in a successful project and long-term client relationships. This calculator is a very basic tool to start the conversation. As you define the scope of work and we resolve the design each cost Item will be itemized.



Budget Calculator
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